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Concentrated Collagen Drops 30ml

Brand: Fleur De Mer

Price From: $87.00

Collagen Drops Treatment

Recommended Skin Types: All skins in need of intensive hydration and firming and wanting to improve long term rehydration with a take home serum.

Products Required

  • Facial Wash or Triple Action Cleanser
  • Cleansing Granules
  • Mist of Roses
  • Daily Mini Peel Powder
  • Enzyme Peeling Mask
  • Collagen Drops
  • Rich Nourishing Eye Cream
  • Collagen Fibre Mask
  • Multi Treatment Cream
  • Sun Block


Step 1

  • Apply a small amount of the appropriate cleanser
  • FACIAL WASH OR TRIPLE ACTION CLEANSER in the hands and thoroughly cleanse the face and neck using soft flowing movements. Rinse and repeat  this step again.

Step 2

  • Remineralise the skin using cotton pads saturated in MIST OF ROSES and apply all over the face. Apply a small amount of CLEANSING GRANULES in the hand and massage gently into areas that may have slight clogging. Rinse with warm water and apply MIST OF ROSES to those areas.


1. Apply ENZYME PEELING GEL MASK mixed with DAILY MINI PEEL POWDER to the face and neck area. Massage in under the steam, working on fine lines  and wrinkled areas. Remove well and lotion with MIST OF ROSES.

2. Apply COLLAGEN DROPS (10 drops for the whole face) and massage well all over until the skin has absorbed the liquid Collagen thoroughly. Then apply  a COLLAGEN FIBRE MASK. Keep moist for 15 minutes before removal.

3. Lotion gently and apply the appropriate treatment crème preferably MULTI TREATMENT with Collagen and Elastin, RICH NOURISHING EYE CREAM and SUNBLOCK

4. The client should purchase the COLLAGEN DROPS for at home use to reinforce the salon treatment.