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Body Masks and Wraps

What is a Body Wrap?

photo of lady receiving body mask
Body Mask treatment

A body wrap starts with the invigorating exfoliation on the skin by products such as sea salt exfolliant, dry brush or loofah depending on the needs.

Then an essential oil selected to treat your needs is massaged into the skin which is topped with gently painting a body mask, again chosen for your needs.


What Does a Body Wrap do?

Each body wrap has been designed to treat the weakness or source of imbalance found in the body and to stimulate the general metabolism, providing it with the necessary nutrients to encourage the body to perform its proper functions. Your body will expel toxins and fluid retention. Your skin will feel toned and silky smooth.

Mask Treatment Imbalance Outcome
 Stimulating    Oxygenating and nourishing    ideal after an illness    "Well Being"  
 Herbal (no iodine)  strengthen microcirculation  Fluid retention & Odema  “Draining”
 Liquid  Express slimming  cellulite, poor circulation  “Decongesting”
 Gellifying  Loose sagging skin  post pregnancy, liposuction or weight loss  “Firming”
 Red Grape  Flaccid aging skin  saggy skin and premature aging  “Anti aging”
 Green Tea  Detox, nourish and firm  over weight and toxic  “Anti free radical”
 Vanilla  Nourishing and relaxing  stressed dry skin  “Calming”
Seaweed and Clay  Absorbs impurities  unwell, acidic system  “Detoxify and heal”
 Fizzing cocoa beans  Fun for beginners  enjoy  “nourishing and antioxidant”

Note: You will be left to rest while your mask does its magic so you may be able to include a facial at the same time. It is also wise and more effective if you make sure you drink water before and after your treatment.

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