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Professional Treatments

Contact us soon to book our trained Beauty Therapist who can provide an effective solution for your skin problems or desires.
Our facial treatments combined with the optional take home products include …

Deluxe Collagen Fibre Mask Facial Treatment

Recommended for: Any skin showing signs of dehydration.
For all skin types that are wanting a “quick fix” for a special occasion or wanting to improve skin hydration levels on an ongoing basis, a Collagen Facial will hydrate, plump up fine lines and wrinkles, and give the skin a glow. Results will last for approximately 3-4 days. This facial treatment can be done as a weekly treatment if you wish.


After Thoroughly cleansing the face and neck using soft flowing movements which will put you into relaxation mode.
Then the therapeutic spray of the MIST OF ROSES rehydrates & rebalances. Your prescribed exfolliant under the vapourzone & hot towel therapy will lessen fine lines & slough away the day & prepare your skin to receive the mask. When the Collagen mask is applied to the face we will leave it to activate for 15-20mins. Your skin will feel silky and smooth when we do a gentle massage.
Apply Fleur De Mer Sunblock daily.


1.5 hours,from $120, ALL OPTIONAL EXTRAS can be applied

A Microdermabrasion Exfoliation (Peel) Facial treatment

28918237 sUnlike Fruit Acid and Enzyme exfoliations this is a non-granular powerful skin polish which is massaged into your skin to shed away unattractive dead skin cells and instantly refine your skin. You will easily notice after each treatment that a complexion that looked old and dull can be transformed into a complexion that looks and feels like a rose petal.
Microdermabrasion Skin Polishing Treatment is a most effective alternative for instant skin exfoliaton. This treatment aids in reducing the effects of sun damage, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles, providing the skin with a soft, smooth and more luminous appearance instantly.

Recommended for: all skins needing a more effective approach to skin refining. Not recommended for very sensitive and couperose skins.


The first step to this glorious & effective facial is to Cleanse face and neck thoroughly. Rinse. Tone with MIST OF ROSES which is rehydrating, aromatic & relaxing. Then the Piece de resistance: the application of MICRODERMABRASION SKIN POLISH which is then Massaged for about 1 minute, or if skin is not sensitive until the dead skin cells visibly fall away. 17497853 s
Relax under your hot towel therapy with the vapourzone. When we Rinse away you will feel the amazing transformation in velvety soft and smooth skin texture.
Then feel the SOOTHING and HYDRATING GEL, on the face neck and décolletage area. Finally, last but not least we will apply either one of the Fleur de Mer 50+ Sunblocks to the skin and/or a suitable moisturize if necessary.
Sunscreen must be applied to the skin every day whist & after using the MICRODEMABRASION SKIN POLISH.


1.5 hours, from $150. ALL OPTIONAL EXTRAS can be applied

Optional Extras

  • A New Stem Cell Anti Ageing Treatment - for ageing and particularly prematurely ageing skin. If you think nothing can be done then you are wrong. New Stem Cell research provides anti ageing action never before thought possible.
  • A Fruit Acid A.H.A. Treatment -With combined lactic, glycolic and citric acids. Immediate skin exfoliation as unattractive dead skin cells are instantly replaced with fresh living skin cells providing a softer, smoother skin with a visibly younger looking appearance.
    Not suitable on very sensitive or damaged skin, broken capillaries, rosacea etc.
  • A Vitamin C Anti Oxidant Firming Mask Treatment -Vitamin C (l-Ascorbic Acid) is one of the most widely used and popular skin care ingredients simply because it provides definite results. This treatment is very firming while delivering very high concentrations of Vitamin C into your skin which provide normal, ageing or damaged skin with an improved, revitalised and younger looking appearance. It is particularly brilliant when skin is sun damaged, blemished and ageing. It is also an effective anti-oxidant and lightens pigmentations.
  • Collagen Fibre Mask Treatment: For all skin types needing intense hydration and firming. Helps you to look special for an important occasion
  • Enzyme Treatment: Same results as the Fruit Acid treatment but more gentle, not quite as quick and suitable for even sensitive skin.
  • Facial massage
  • Eye collagen treatment
  • Lip contour and a neck treatment, with Collagen Fibre Mask for rehydration and plumping
  • Extraction, careful extraction of comedones (black heads) after opening pores with exfolliant and vapouriser
  • MASSAGE -Full relaxation and therapeutic facial massae

An Acne Facial

Very effective for acne sufferers and those of us with acne prone skin. It includes Fruit Acid Cleansing, a mild Fruit Acid Lotion application and Acne Relief Serum. The combined action works by cleaning, drying and peeling away the affected areas.


Double cleanse with FRUIT ACID CLEANSING MILK. Remineralises the skin with MIST of ROSES, saturating the skin well and allowing it to be moist and hydrated. Effleurage application of CLEANSING GRANULES until granules have dissolved to assist in dissolving follicular matter under the vapourzone & hot towel therapy. Feel the magic as the FRUIT ACID SOLUTION is brushed on. Now we select the correct TREATMENT CREME and SUNBLOCK for your skin to apply.


1 hour; from $98.  SOME OPTIONAL extras CAN BE APPLIED:

  • Extraction, careful extraction of comedones (black heads) after opening pores with exfolliant and vapouriser

A Warm Occlusive Mask Treatment Facial - For Dry, Dehydrated Skin

Enjoy a huge dose of instant hydration and nourishment under this warm, relaxing mask. Deep penetration of active ingredients is assured as fine lines and wrinkles around the face and eyes.
Recommended Skin Types: For skins needing a “big drink of nourishment” for dry, dehydrated and sun damaged skins. This warm thermal “occlusive” mask will help with the penetration of active ingredients to nourish the skin while aiding with plumping fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment may also be done as an Eye treatment.


After Removing all traces of make up with a warm calm CLEANSING OIL, breathe in the full relaxation spray of the MIST OF ROSES on your saturated skin and eye contour.
Then your skin is prepared for the full absorption with a gentle PEEL POWDER massaged on your face & neck. The application of a luxuriously thick layer of ENZYME GEL PEELING MASK to the face and neck feels quenching under the vapourising steam with an interval of facial massage, steam & more massage. Remineralise with a spray of MIST OF ROSES. To complete your absorbtion of the NATURAL FACIAL SKIN OIL we will encapsulate it with the melted WARM OCCULSIVE MASK. After the mask is lifted MOISTURISER is applied to the face and neck & SUNBLOCK if needed.
You are plumped & hydrated.


1.5 hours; from $150.  ALL OPTIONAL EXTRAS can be applied

Lunch Time Facial

This is a great time saving facial that can be booked between 11am to 2pm Monday to Friday for clients who have already had a skin analysis & skin care prescribed.


A shorter version facial tailored for your lunch break. Double deep cleanse T-Zone or Congested follicles.
Be relaxed with the spray LOTION MIST OF ROSES. Feel the amazing granules release the blackheads under the vapouriser & hot towel therapy. Your prescribed mask will infuse nutrients into your skin before we apply your prescribed moisturiser.