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Sensi Plus

Sensi Plus

Algologies Sensitive Skin Range

High tolerance formula, enriched with laminaria ochroleuca extrcat - The golden algae - to protect and comfort sensitive skin through 3 objectives:

  • Strengthen the hydro-lipid film which protects the skin from external irritants
  • Improve skin tolerance
  • Calm neurosensory reactions - heat, redness, tingling, ittitation

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Caress Cleanser 200ml

for a radient glow. Skin is left fresh, relaxed and perfectly cleansed


Caress Day Cream 50ml

Very soft and moisturising for even the most sensitive skin


Caress Peel 75ml

Very gently but effectively exfoliates.


Comfort Mask 75ml

Gentle, non stimulating mask


Soft Freshness Lotion 250ml

A refreshing hydrating toner


Soothing Lotion 150ml

Calms and soothes red or irritated skin


Triple C Cream 50ml

Reduces redness while moisturising