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Hydra Replenishing sleep Mask 50ml

Brand: Algologie

Price From: $62.00

This mask replaces Algologie’s HYDRATION MASK because it has more comprehensive hydrating and nourishing properties
A soft cream with a gentle fresh fragrance. This is a fast acting mask which quenches dry skin causing a welcome re-plumping of the cells. The exclusive Algo 3 Complex described below ensures that the skin is left supple, comfortable and soft and intensely hydrated and nourished.


High concentrations of 3 ingredients creating the exclusive, natural Algo 3 Complex: Chondrus Crispus: The seaweed extract providing proven rapid hydration. It also increases the water concentration in the epidermis.
Gulf Stream Seawater: Pure and fresh with heaps of natural vitamins and minerals to nourish and re-mineralise the skin.
Alaria Esculenta: Another seaweed extract with anti-oxidant properties to protect against free radicals.
Sweet Almond Oil: To nourish dry skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid): A powerful humectant to attract moisture and keep it in the skin.
Sea Salt: To further enhance the richness and goodness of the sea.

Apply a generous layer on the face and neck. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse. Can be used once or twice weekly.
Our advice ~ Complete your treatment of dry, dehydrated skin with daily applications of Algologie’s MOISTURISING TENDER CREAM, MOISTURISING COOLING CREAM GEL OR MOISTURISING RICH CREAM