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Gentle Cleansing Oil 250ml

Brand: Fleur De Mer

Price From: $52.00

unique cleanser for all skin types
A clear yellow oil. This is a blend of healthy, mild oils which nourish and care while deep cleansing skin and pores. When water is added to the oil on the face a cream immediately forms which gives a double cleanse and which emulsifies away any excess oil. After rinsing or tissuing off, the skin is left and feels incredibly clean, soft and radiant. Contains no preservatives or added colour. Safe even for sensitive skin. Also environmentally friendly and safe for waterways.
JOJOBA OIL: Creates supple, soft skin. Penetrates deeply into pores and follicles. Then diffuses into the stratum corneum acting with the intercellular lipids to reduce water loss. Very nourishing and an excellent solvent and cleanser.
SWEET ALMOND OIL: Provides a lovely, fresh skin feel while nourishing and cleansing.
MACADAMIA OIL: Penetrates well leaving a good, smooth, non-oily after feel. Excellent cleansing properties for oil based make-up.
DIMETHICONE: Enhances the solvent/cleansing properties of the above oils while creating a silky, smooth, refreshing feel to the skin.
Use each morning to face the world with fresh, radiant skin and at night to remove every trace of eye and face make-up and environmental pollution.