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General Waxing for Men and Women

We use soft gentle hypoallergenic strip wax for leg waxing, arms and larger body areas.

We also have hot wax for people with ultrasensitive skins or a more modern effective professional wax with pharmaceutical oils, bees wax, aloe vera and chamomile extract for delicate areas such as under arms, eyebrows, lip, face waxing and Brazilians.

Our Waxing Services Prices - FROM
Full Leg $45
Brazillian Wax (Women only) $60
Bikini Wax $30
Under arm $30
Fore arms $25
Full arm $40
Eye Brow, measure, shape and wax $30
Lip $15
Chin $15
Sideburns $15
Chest $45
Full Back $45
Shoulders $15
Neck $15
Navel $15
Full leg, bikini $60
Full Face: Brow, lip, chin and sideburns $55
Back, chest, shoulders and neck $110


Algologie Epil control or professional body care tea tree lotion is then used to balance and calm the skin and Tea Tree wash and orange and lavender essentials to remove wax residue from the skin.

Ingrown Hair Solutions

We sell a large range of specialised ingrown hair treatment which include creams, lotions, sprays and serums.
These include:

  • Algologie – Epil Control 63.00
  • Professional bodycare - Tea tree wash
  • Professional bodycare - Tea tree lotion
  • Serenity growth serum