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Brazilian Waxing

The Brazilian wax is an extreme bikini waxing treatment that removes hair from the entire pubic region – apart from a small patch just above the vaginal area, commonly dubbed the “landing strip” or triangle dubbed “Bermuda triangle”. This is a very intimate type of waxing and will only be performed after careful consultation. We will assist you personally whether you’re doing this for the first time or you are a seasoned Brazilian.

We use either hot hard wax or CARON LABORATORIES wax that’s formulated to make brazilian waxing EASIER. The beauty therapists use surgical gloves, antiseptic wipes & disposable wooden spatulas for each client and for hygiene and modesty concerns for the therapists and the client we offer you disposable G strings.

We prepare the area and apply antiseptic cream and talc.

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Things to Remember to let us know39020226 s

  • if you have any allergies
  • if you have any skin irritations
  • if you have a medical condition
  • if you are on any medication
  • Take proper hygiene precautions prior to treatment
  • DO NOT trim area excessively

Ingrown Hair Solutions

We sell a large range of specialised ingrown hair treatment which include creams, lotions, sprays and serums.
These include:

  • Algologie Hair retard
  • Algologie Algae Maceration
  • Professional bodycare Tee tree lotion and wash

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