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Silhouette Cream 200ml

Brand: Algologie

Price: $52.99

Silhouette Creme - Slimming and Anti-Cellulite

Silhouette Creme has been developed as part of a three step slimming program to aid in the elimination of and prevention against the presence of excess fats. It is combined with Alga-Lymph Gel to drain excess fluids and facilitate elimination. The creme is perfectly adapted for both men and women that desire to reduce unsightly fatty tissue and the presence of cellulite.

Key Ingredients

Nanospheres of Theophyllisilane C- these nanospheres are vehicles that contain an infinite micro­reservoir of Theophyllisane C to achieve greater assimilation and effectiveness of treatment. This controlled time release application allows the product to continue working throughout the day or night without re-applying . Theophyllisane C has a slimming effect on the AMP cycle and stimulates lipolysis of the trigycerides present in the adipocytes.
Rhodysterol: is derived from the red seaweed 'Gelidium Cartilagineum'. Its lipolytic action is exerted on the adrenaline receptors located on the adipocyte. It stimulates the lipolyses 7 times more effectively that the action of adrenaline itself.
Laminaria Extract- Rich in Iodine, it prevents the accumulation of fat in the tissues.
Fucus Extract- rich in Amino Acids, Minerals an d Trace Elements it diminishes the presence of fats in the tissues.
Milk from Bamboo Shoots- is anti-inflammatory and draining. It contains Silicium that plays an important role to fight against the accumulations of adipocytes.


Apply in the morning or at night with vigorous movements, and is best if accompanied with Algologie CMS Bath Essence, Alga-Lymph Gel, CMS Maceration Oil & body wraps.