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Body Active Body Scrub 150ml

Brand: Algologie

Price: $48.99

BODY ACTIVE BODY SCRUB- SALT SCRUB WITH ESSENTIAL OILS APPEARANCE AND PROPERTIES A very soft and silky like body scrub containing 100% natural Guerande Salt which gently exfoliates while delivering at the same time minerals and trace elements which are essential for a beautiful, youthful looking skin. KEY INGREDIENTS GUERANDE SALT: Rich in crystals, minerals and trace elements to exfoliate and re-mineralise skin at the same time. ALGO 4 COMPLEX: A complex of 4 seaweeds to protect, oxygenate, nourish and stimulate skin. GULF STREAM SEAWATER: Pure and bursting with 96 minerals and trace elements to re-mineralise skin before treating it. EMERALD GREEN COLOUR: Reminding us of the water and seabed off the coast of France. APPLICATION Massage gently on to damp skin and then rinse. Once or twice weekly depending on skin type. Skin is left instantly soft and silky.