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Purifying Toner 250ml

Brand: Algologie

Price From: $51.00

PURIFYING TONER (Tonique Pureté)

An orange liquid with the fresh natural fragrance of Citrus Fruits Essential Oils. The ‘Purifying Toner' contains no alcohol and is an indispensable wave of freshness for congested oily skin. This enriched lotion re-mineralizes the epidermis, purifies and balances the production of sebum and the skin's pH. Finally, a lotion that is perfectly adapted for thick oily skin with dilated pores providing daily freshness, astringency and a matte complexion. The ‘Purifying Toner' is a key step in the treatment of oily skin that may be used throughout the day to freshen and balance the face, decolté and back.
Algologie has created the Algopure Complex to treat oily skin after extended research on the mechanisms of hyper-seborrhea and acne. It is associated with Witch Hazel water concentrated 100 times over with astringent properties to calm the sensitivities of oily skin. Extremely fresh and gentle, the Purifying Toner leaves the skin silky and pure.


The Algopure Complex: Developed by Algologie, this complex associates the powerful plant extracts of: Ivy, Watercress, Soapwort, Sage, Great Burdock and Lemon. Along with the Marine Algae Phyco LD (Laminaria), the anti-acne Phycosaccharide (Zinc) and Vitamin B6. It dissolves away excess oil, purifying the epidermis, stopping the proliferation of bacteria and the development of pimples and blackheads.
Witch Hazel Water concentrated 100 times: Originating in North America with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.
Seawater: Rich in oligo-elements and minerals it re-mineralizes and re-balances the epidermis.

To be used morning and evening after the Foaming Gel Cleanser. Apply with a cotton pad on the face, neck, decolté shoulders and back.
Our advice: may be used during the day to freshen skin and eliminate oil.