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Grape Extracts Mask 75ml

Brand: Fleur De Mer

Price From: $66.99

GRAPE EXTRACTS MASK (all skin types)
This rich creamy pinky white mask is a complete treatment to preserve the youthful radiance of the face thanks to vinotherapy. A cocktail of regenerating and anti-ageing active ingredients (Matrixyl, Optivegetol Vin, Titrami of Red Wine, Argireline and Vitaceane) firm, smooth and tone the skin. Babassu and Grape Seed oils, rich in essential fatty acids protect and preserve the epidermis. Wrinkles and fine lines become less visible, skin firmer and complexion fresh and luminous.


Titrami of red wine: Extracted from Vine Leaf, Titrami rich in flavonoids is combined with Optivegetol Vin to prevent skin damage due to free radicals.
Optivegetol Vin: Extracted from Wine, this ingredient efficiently neutralises harmful free radicals and reduces oxidative stress responsible for premature skin ageing.
Matrixyl: Peptides accelerating cell renewal and skin regeneration. Functions very much like Vit C.
Argireline: Hexapeptide which disorganises the release of neurotransmitters responsible for muscles ‘contraction’. Like with Botox facial tensions are relaxed and the formation of lines and wrinkles reduced.
Grape Seed Oil: An oil with a soft and gentle texture. It is rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid) working as an anti-oxidant thanks to its high content of Vitamin E. Very nourishing.
Babassu Oil: This oil extracted from the seeds of a Brazilian tree is very nourishing, repairs the hydro-lipidic film and protects the skin against harmful environment.
Vitaceane: Rich in fatty acids polyunsaturated with omega-3 and beta-carotene. Exceptional active ingredient in the preventive treatment of skin ageing.


Apply on face, eye contour and neck. Massage lightly in for about 5 minutes. Then leave to activate for another 15 minutes. Rinse off and tone. Use once or twice weekly.
A very thin layer can be applied before bedtime and left for the entire night.