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Oil Free Moisturiser

Brand: Fleur De Mer

Price From: $64.00

Comfort, intense hydration and no after-feel
There is a very necessary place in serious skin care for an oil free moisturizer and a surprisingly huge demand. Regrettably many moisturisers have falsely claimed to be completely oil free because it was never really possible. Ours took a long time to develop with many months of patient research. But now we have at last succeeded with a superb greaseless product which is now available without oil.

FIRSTLY–WHAT IS THE ‘SILKY TOUCH’. This we are proud to announce is 21st Century moisturizing at its best with valuable, concentrated ingredients in a lightweight texture totally different from all other moisturisers and exclusive to Fleur De Mer. An elegant texture ..... A unique silky application .... A superb totally non greasy finish ..... And unprecedented moisturizing properties with no added oil. It comes as a whitish, very soft silky smooth cream with a very slight fresh, natural fragrance. Its sheer formulation absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it with a smooth, well moisturised matt finish and no trace of stickiness at all.

1. Absolutely perfect in hot, humid climates providing comfort and intense hydration with no after-feel.
2. Highly effective moisturising for everyone. Providing intense hydration but with already sufficient oil in the skin to prevent TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) and where the feeling of oil on the skin is not wanted.
3. Ideal moisturizer for oily skin types particularly oily, dehydrated skin. Probably sufficient important oils and lipids are in the skin to prevent water loss but too much on the skin surface producing an oily or shiny appearance. This moisturiser will intensely hydrate skin
and emulsify away excess oil.
4. At last ... A very suitable teenage moisturizer. In the past we did not recommend moisturizers for teenagers because of the problems with adding oil to possibly acne prone skin. This moisturiser contains no oil, is non comedogenic and not even felt on the skin.
5. Ideal on acne skin and congested skin where oil is definitely contra indicated. Hydration of the skin however is essential for the enzymatic activity which ensures optimal desquamation. This helps to relieve blockages of the sebum in the follicles. Also the pH is 5, a very effective level to control the spread of bacteria.

Hyaluronic Acid: A natural moisturiser which attracts and holds moisture in the skin. Its water absorption properties provide the skin with greater suppleness giving immediate smoothness, hydration and a significant improvement in skin appearance.
VITAMINS A (Retinyl Palmitate) and E (TocopherylAcetate): Provide major anti oxidant benefits.
Collagen: Ensures the skins strength, hydration and elasticity. Absolutely essential for the health and youthful appearance
of the skin. As we get older the collagen in our skin depletes and so it must be replaced so as to avoid lines and wrinkles.
Aloe Vera: Further powerful hydrating, softening, healing and moisturising properties. Penetrates skin supplying moisture rapidly to the tissues.
VITAMINS F, H (Biotin), B8 (Inositol), B3 (Calcium D.Pantothenate)
CUCUMBER FRAGRANCE: Beautifully fresh and natural fragrance.