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Natural Seaweed Soap 150g

Brand: Algologie

Price: $26.99

Natural Seaweed Soap

Slimming and Vitality

A 100% natural vegetal soap containing flakes of Chrondus Crispus seaweed to eliminate dead cells, stimulate, firm and bring health and beauty into your shower.
This 100% vegetal base respects even the most sensitive skins. The blended seaweed allows a soft exfoliation and contributes a slimming effect with its concentration in Iodine.
Chrondus Cripus is rich in mucilage, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C. It nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin.

Key Ingredients

Chrondus Crispus: a red seaweed rich in Vitamins B2, C and mucilage. It has hydrating, emollient, nourishing and slimming properties.


May be used daily when showering, all over the body. Do not use on the face.