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Invigorating Gel 200ml

Brand: Algologie

Price From: $52.99

Invigorating Gel - for lighter legs

This unique gel activates blood circulation, drains water retention and leaves your legs feeling invigorated. The potent benefits of Camphor and Menthol activate the circulation and relieve heat, Fucus works on decongesting and relieving fatigue, Horse Chestnut is astringent and anti-inflammatory, Witch Hazel and Cypress Essential Oil are excellent vasco-constrictors and invigorate the venous system. The unique blend of these ingredients in gel form, relieve swelling and dissolve the feeling of hot heavy legs, provoked by tension due to standing all day, general fatigue and poor footwear. It brings a feeling of well-being and lightness to the legs, and may be used in massage on sore joints and stiff muscles.

Key Ingredients

Fucus Extract-stimulates the blood circulation
Witch Hazel Extract- excellent vasco-constrictor, astringent, decongesting and soothing. Traditionally used for the heavy leg feeling.
Horse Chestnut Extract- anti-oedema, astringent, vasco-protector and anti-inflammatory. It acts by reducing the capillary permeability, by mobilizing the blood of the lower by an increase of the venous tonus, by draining excess fluids.
Cypress Essential Oil- vasco-constrictor and invigorating the veins.
Rosemary Essential Oil- stimulating
Menthol- refreshing, cooling and activates blood circulation.
Camphor- activates blood circulation, it emits the refreshing effect of the Menthol


Apply in light massage movements beginning at the feet working up to the top of the leg, sore joints and muscles. This non oily gel does not stain and can be applied at any time of the day. It may be applied over hosiery for immediate relief.