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Hydra refreshing Exfoliant 50ml

Brand: Algologie

Price From: $52.00

Peeling Granule
exfoliation for all skin types except sensitive, acne, couperose & oily
A rich creamy rose-coloured paste with granules. The creamy textured talc base spreads easily and absorbs impurities.
Cellular renewal is rapid during childhood but needs stimulating after adolescence. The Hydrating Granular Peel provides this stimulation as well as instantly giving a soft, smooth more youthful looking skin by:
• The mechanical peeling action provided by the soft grains which detach dead skin
cells, disincrust blackheads and clogged pores.
• The biochemical action of the oligo-elements and vitamins contained in the Laminaria Extract.
• The action of the Phytoplankton which nourishes and works to multiply the cells.
Adjusted concentrations of the 3 ingredients creating the exclusive natural Algo3 Complex: Chondrus Crispus: The seaweed extract providing proven rapid hydration. It also increases the water concentration in the epidermis. Gulf Stream Seawater: Pure and fresh with lots of natural vitamins and minerals to nourish and remineralise the skin. Alaria Esculenta: Another seaweed extract with anti-oxidant properties to protect against free radicals.
Urea: Powerful humectant to remove the tight feeling of dehydrated skin.
Talc: Absorbs impurities, providing great softness
Sea Salt: Provides necessary vitamins for healthy skin, it helps dry cracked flaking skin
Exfoliating Grains: Detaches dead cells and disincrusts blackheads and clogged pores. It stimulates circulation and detoxifies. It leaves skin instantly softer, smoother and younger looking
Face: Apply a thin layer to moist clean skin, avoiding the eye contour area. Beginning with the neck, massage with moist fingertips, travelling upwards toward the forehead. Rinse well.
OR for extra hydration when exfoliating: Apply a thin layer to a cleansed skin. Leave to dry for 10-12 minutes. Gently massage with damp fingertips. Rinse well.
Body: Apply a thin layer of peeling granules on a moist skin and work in large circular massage movements from the feet towards the décolleté. Rinse well. Exceptional for spa, manicure and pedicure treatments.
Use once or twice weekly
Our advice ~ Mechanical peeling can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Consider for oily skin a more gentle peel or perhaps Enzyme or Fruit Acid Peeling, Soft Facial Peeling, Caress Peel or Purifying Peel Off Mask for home care.