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Algologies Dry, Dehydrated Skin Range

Beautiful and balanced skin is well-moisterised skin! Our research laboratory studied skin hydration mechanisms in detail, to find deep acting formulas. Alorogie offers your a complete and innovative solution for moisturising the skin:

  • PRESERVES its hydration level with codium
  • PROTECTS the hydro-lipid film to limit water evaporation with christe marine
  • BOOSTS the hydration system with salicornia extract

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Eye Contour Gel 20ml

Light texture. Very nourishing and firming


Hydra replenishing Serum 30ml

Plenty of moisture for dry, hydrated skin. Apply alone or under moisturiser


Hydra Replenishing sleep Mask 50ml

For a radient glow as skin is left fresh, relaxed and lightened. Non stimulationg and ideal for dry dehydrated skin

*Replacement for Moisture Replenishment mask


Moisturising Cooling Cream 50ml

Intensive, quick hydration. For combination skin and as day and night moisturiser


Moisturising Rich Cream 50ml

Richer cream. Intensive, quick hydration. For colder climates, mature and very dry skin


Moisturising Tender Cream 50ml

Intensive, quick hydration for dry, thirsty skin. A light cream for hot climates


Regenerative Cream 50ml

A rich day or night cream for greater protection. Suitable for more mature and very dry skin