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Caress Day Cream 50ml

Brand: Algologie

Price From: $69.00

CARESS CREAM (Crème Caresse)

Light pastel-green cream. Sensitive skin is thin and reactive and needs even more protection from external aggressions. The first quality of a "sensitive skin" cream must be to maintain the natural barrier that constitutes the hydro-lipic film. The Caress Cream has therefore been formulated to provide the indispensable daily elements for its protection, recognising its specific tolerance and micro-circulation problems. The Marine Algae are soothing and reduce the risks of reactions. The Couperose Complex (100% vegetable) is anti-oxidant and makes the cream perfectly suitable for sensitive skin or skin with redness, couperose, etc. Well protected, day after day, the skin regains its suppleness, and the complexion becomes clear and uniform.


Laminaria ochroleuca extract: see “Sensitive Skin Introduction”
Adjusted concentrations of the 3 ingredients creating the exclusive natural Algo3 Complex: Chondrus Crispus: Gulf Stream Seawater: Alaria Esculenta:
Sweet Almond Oil: nourishing and softening.
Corn oil: modified by natural process. It reduces or suppresses reactions induced by the aggressions sensitive skins are subjected to.
Shea Butter: nourishing and softening.
Couperose Complex: a combination of Horse Chestnut, Red Vine, Gingko Biloba and Melilot making it perfectly suitable for sensitive skin or skin with redness, couperose, etc. It considerably improves the comfort level of sensitive skin.
Cornflower Extract: its soothing properties make this extract an important active for gentle cosmetic products.
Titanium Oxide: Sun screen, protects against the harmful effects of the sun rays.
Chamomile & Calendula Extract: Restores the balance of a sensitive skin. Reduces redness, calms irritations and softens skin.


Apply a thin layer in the morning on a perfectly clean skin. Can be used as a make-up base. Can be used as a night cream as well.