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Algo Lymph Gel 200ml

Brand: Algologie

Price: $55.99

Algo- Lymph Gel -Anti Water Retention

Alga-Lymph Gel has been specifically created to respond to the needs of those who suffer persistent water retention, inflamed joints or the discomfort of painful and congested cellulite. It does not contain Iodine, and is safe for pregnant and post natal women who are breast feeding or those who are allergic to Iodine or Seaweed.
It has been developed as one of those three steps in the slimming programme and may be followed by the Silhouette Creme or Firming Balm to facilitate the elimination of toxins and aid in the prevention of cellulite. It is also recommended for those women in the stages of menopause or who have re-occurring changes in body temperature.

Key Ingredients

Butchers Broom Extract: a powerful vasco- constrictor and veino-protector with anti-edemic properties. It drains excess fluids and prevents re-occurring inflammation.
Ivy: is decongesting and discourages the retention of excess liquid and fat. It is an anti-inflammatory and helps prevent the appearance of cellulite.
Arnica: contains beneficial flavanoids that stimulate micro circulation, facilitate inter tissular exchanges and the elimination of toxins. It is often used for its diuretic properties.
Christe Marine: is a marine plant that plays an important role in the prevention of inflammation, development of cellulite and aids in reducing water retention in the tissues.
Guarana: is rich in caffeine to reduce water retention and procure slimming It has a lipolytic effect on the triglycerides that accumulate in the adipocytes and facilitates their elimination.


Apply a small amount in stimulating massage movements on the affected areas or the entire body. This may be used in conjunction with Silhouette Creme, Firming Balm, or an Essential Oil Massage.